MainStage 3 iPhone App Review

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Are there apps for the ultimate rockstar? Hell yes! MainStage 3 for iPhone is like your MAC which will allow you to enjoy a full-screen interface along with massive collection of plugins, flexible hardware control along with sound compatibility with Logic Pro X. So, why is MainStage 3 app called the ultimate LIVE rig? Let’s check out!


You can hope to perform live on stage with at least 80 instruments playing beside you. Audio unit plugins enhance the appeal. Your studio sound created with GarageBand and LogicPro X can now be brought to the stage. A 64 bit architecture that the app provides is great for using all the RAM in your system when larger instruments are in question. You can use your hardware to play as well as control all the plugins. Also use MIDI-equipped controllers like foot pedals, keyboards and drum pads for better effect. You can also assign faders, hardware knobs and buttons to onscreen controls.

MainStage 3 iPhone App Review

MainStage 3 iPhone app has somewhat been designed for the stage. So, you can get to see what you need during your performance. Psst! There are smart controls as well! So expect a more dynamic stage performance than ever before. A high contrast, full screen performance view can easily be visualized from a distance. The instrument plugins are the real hero in the app. They help you play professionally mixed and completely customized drum kits as offered by Drum Kit Designer. Bring back the 70’s and 80’s era with them. The Space Designer convolution reverb helps you play your sounds through realistic acoustic spaces. Vintage tape, multi tap and stereo delays can be used to your advantage. Your sound library will be having more than 1800 instruments and effect patches. Moreover, you can also find 750 detailed and sampled instruments. As many as 4600 Apple Loops present in electronic and modern urban genres.


MainStage 3 app for iPhone is commendable and so all teens and adults looking for a career in music, has just to have this app on their mobile phones. The app costs $27.99 to download from iTunes App Store. It isn’t free but we can assure you that it offers more than even what we have mentioned!

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