Kimoji iPhone App Review

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As the name itself indicates, Kimoji is about emojis, but sleazy ones. The icon pack is added to your iPhone keyboard and allows you to convey some gut wrenching emotions. It works with your favorite messaging applications including iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email etc. The app may be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Kimoji app for iPhone is essentially an extension of built-in emojis you can use in your Smartphone. The various food, hairstyles and butt icons are invariably added to the keyboard selector, and you can use it across your different messaging apps. But it is a surface level app with no further features, options menus or added bonuses of any kind. Of course, the emojis are vastly different from the usual ones. But then, it is geared towards a specific audience – diehard fans of Kim Kardashian. For others, including us, they just seem to objectify the female form. If you’d used an iPhone for some time, you’ll be well versed with the layout of Kimoji. It’s simple and effective, with all the emoticons laid out over a number of menus, wherein each of them are accessible by scrolling right or left. But it gets a bit cumbersome when it comes to dropping them into your message. On the typical emoji keyboard, you simply got to tap on an emoticon to add it to the message body. But here, you got to select a particular emoticon, then tap on the correct place on the text and then tap paste to get it there. We just wonder why the developer chose a three-step process for the Kardashian themed ones, instead of the easy to use single-click process.

Kimoji iPhone App Review

At present, Kimoji for iPhone is a bit buggy. Instances of keyboard freezing and emojis not appearing on the message have been reported by users from various places. If it were a free app, you would have ignored the glitches for the time being. But for an app that is priced at $1.99, this should not have occurred in the first place. Kimoji app requires iOS 8.0 or higher.


Kimoji app for iPhone is meant for a specific audience – Kim Kardashian fans. Unless you wish to send cartoon busts, butts, lips and hairstyles, don’t bother to spend $1.99 for this app. It is not stable and robust at the moment either. Verdict: Avoidable.

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