DSLR Camera Pro Android App Review

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DSLR Camera Pro for Android is a camera application aimed at recreating some of the features of a professional hard camera in your mini device. Unlike other camera apps which rely more on filters and funky effects, this one really brings in a change by having some fine tuning and adjustments related to lighting, exposures, sensitivity etc. The application is very well acclaimed and rated as one of the best camera applications ever released, by its users all over the globe. DSLR Camera Pro is available for $2.99 from Google Play.


Being made as a professional camera app, DSLR Camera Pro Android app is not an application to simply play with. The features seem straight out from a professional camera and as a result, some knowledge about photography is a must for using it. A major advantage is that almost all the necessary settings are spread evenly on the capture screen itself. There isn’t any need to dig through menus and tabs to find what you require. Every change or adjustment made can also be previewed at the same time. The selected option will be displayed in the screen as a description for a few microseconds thereby making sure what the user has actually selected. On the whole, everything in this application is extremely user friendly and interactive to the core.

DSLR Camera Pro Android App Review

The icons for main adjustments like flash, metering, focus, white balance, timer, scene selection, aspect ratio and so on are placed on the left side of the screen. Each of their sub-options will also appear on the same screen as a small horizontal grid. The zoom settings and the capture button come at the right hand side. Instead of the pinch-to-zoom feature in your device, you will have to tap on the magnification icon to execute the process. The application just has a single function, to create excellent professional photographs and it does just that without any unnecessary distractions or menus. DSLR Camera Pro is more suitable for Android devices having high end cameras. Though the app is bundled with all the essential tunings, some of them may not seem to work on low quality camera hardwares.


There are instances where you may have just your mobiles to capture some wonderful moments around you. DSLR Camera Pro Android app lets you shoot them with all its glory and with complete professionalism maintained throughout. A light weighted app which costs around $3 in the Play Store, DSLR Camera Pro can be a very handy tool for all serious photographers or wannabe professionals.

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