Handrite note Notepad Pro Android App Review

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Handrite note Notepad Pro for Android is a note taking app that let users jolt down notes with their real handwriting. It is an intuitive handwriting note app that could serve as your sticky note, to-do list, memo pad and journal – that works on your touch. Handrite note Notepad Pro can be downloaded for $3.98.


Let no brilliant flash of an idea is lost because your app did not load quickly, or your app got an autocorrect feature that impedes your speed of thought. Handrite note Notepad Pro for Android is quick to load, and is pretty easy to use when it comes to jolting down your thoughts. You can write in the spacious “zoomed area” and watch your words appear in the body of your note page. Handrite note Notepad Pro for Android does not try to “recognize” your handwriting. Instead, it simply captures your strokes exactly as you drew them. This avoids the tedious task of having to “train” the app to read your handwriting as well as the interpretation errors that still occur. It also means that you can sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mathematical equations, etc in your notes. However, anytime you can switch the software keyboard in case you find your handwriting not beautiful enough.

Handrite note Notepad Pro Android App Review

Its notable features include the ability to copy/paste contents even from other apps, organize notes by notebook, date, label and title, customizable pen styles, ability to insert images in the body of your note page, and a reliable auto-save so that you never lose your note should your phone restarts while you were writing something. You can also make your notes and memos beautiful with professionally designed paper styles. There is no limit to the number of notebooks you can have. It is also possible to export a note as PDF. Desktop widget gives you quick access to the app from the home screen.


Handrite note Notepad Pro for Android makes note taking a easy and pleasurable experience. It got a user friendly interface, spacious zoom area, and pretty reliable handwriting algorithm to back it all up. You can also export notes as PDF, create unlimited number of notebooks, customize pen styles, as well as copy/paste contents even from other applications. The auto-save feature makes sure that you don’t lose your note contents even if your phone restarts while you’re jolting down your thoughts. The app is also available a stripped down Lite version. Verdict: A feature loaded note taking app worth checking out.

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