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… Beiks Blackberry app
Here is a great way for owners and users of Blackberry Smart Phones to have easy and continuous access to a world of information. Beiks, a software application that Smart Phone users can easily download features built-in dictionaries and translators that can make you sound brilliant … even if your IQ is ordinary.
This is truly a sensational and easy-to-use app … one you are likely to use every day because it puts so much useful information right at yo ur fingertips, as close as the screen of your Smart Phone.
Application Name: Beiks features Dictionaries and Translator Books in a variety of languages so that you can use it, anytime you want, to “say something in Spanish,” for example, even if you’ve never spoken a word in that language before.
Summary: It’s like having as “pocket full of knowledge that is always with you and available, as close as the Smart Phone you carry with you every day. Beiks app provides you with all of the following. You get an English Dictionary … an English Thesaurus … Dictionaries in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and more … PLUS your own personal Travel Phrase Book that allows you to “say something” in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish and many more when you travel in a country other than your own.
The app provides you with more help, as well. It even includes audio pronunciations that enable you to practice “turning a phrase” in an unfamiliar language before you speak to20a local. This is an essential tool for you if you like to travel abroad because it can really help enrich your experience and make it much more pleasurable.
And when you’re home or abroad, you’ll also appreciate the fact that Beiks app includes a Medical Dictionary … a pocket guide to medications … medical abbreviations … and more – just about everything you need for your health. In fact, Beiks app also gives you access to everything you need for your religious health, too, because it also includes Bible Dictionaries.
User Interaction: this is a great app for anyone who wants to look and sound smart. It puts a world of useful information directly at your fingertips where it is always available to you.
User Interface: created specifically to help you turn yourself into a walking, talking dictionary, Beiks is the only source you need to learn the meaning of a word, or its spelling, or its pronunciation. In short, it’s a great application that you will rely on repeatedly.
Utility and Productivity: it’s a world of useful knowledge, easily accessed, because it’s right in your Smart Phone and always available. And, unlike cumbersome dictionaries, Beiks is easy-to-handle, easier still to use and profit from. If you care about knowledge – words, their meanings and how they are spelled, you will learn to appreciate Beiks app the very first time you use it.
Rating: (8.5 out of 10). This application is especially useful if you travel out of the country frequently. It will help you speak the language of the cities you visit which will make your trip much more enjoyable. And when you stay home, Beiks built-in dictionaries will help you, as well.

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