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Name: BlackBerry Appworld


With BlackBerry Appworld, you can browse and choose from the vast array of applications available for download and installation to your BlackBerry smart phone. Many various developers have contributed their applications to the library of BlackBerry Appworld. Apparently, BlackBerry Appworld is one limited feature and that is only those who have a PayPal account are able to get through checkout on the library of applications.


User Interaction:

BlackBerry Appworld allow you to browse and download great application for your BlackBerry smart phone. From this application, you can choose applications that will best suit your interests and lifestyle. It can be for personal productivity, organization tools, online shopping, social networking, games, and more. So what are you waiting for? Check out for this convenient place and load up your BlackBerry smart phone with tons of great applications that interest you.


User Interface:

As an application store for BlackBerry users, the BlackBerry Appworld is also opened for business. The interface of this application is very easy to use and neatly organized, and easy to install as well. The application can be downloaded into your BlackBerry smart phone as long as it has the running version of the latest OS. In addition, your BlackBerry smart phone must have a trackball or touch screen that includes all

recent models like the Storm, Bold, Pearl, and the Curve.

The installation process of BlackBerry Appworld usually takes just a few minutes. As soon as the installation is complete, the first things that you will see on your screen are the several featured applications that go with it. For every application that is click, you get to see the user reviews and publisher’s description on it. In addition, there is a link provided in every application that you can click for direct download to your BlackBerry smart phone.


Utility and Productivity:

BlackBerry Appworld application is very easy to download even over a WiFi network. However, it requires

some system requirements on your BlackBerry smart phone that includes the following:

  • Latest or updated OS on your BlackBerry smart phone
  • The BlackBerry smart phone must have a SurePress touch screen or trackballs
  • A service plan for the BlackBerry smart phone that includes access to the BlackBerry browser
  • blackberry-appworld

The home screen of the BlackBerry Appworld application displays numerous of featured applications daily. There is a toolbar that runs across the bottom of your BlackBerry smart phone screen with four shortcut icons namely MyWorld, Search, Top Downloads, and Categories.

The MyWorld icon allows you to write reviews and recommend applications. It also allows you to re-install or uninstall downloaded applications on your BlackBerry smart phone. The Search icon allows you to do searching accordingly by name. The Top Downloads icon allows you to download or purchase application for your phone. Last is the Categories icon that lists applications accordingly by classifications such as news, weather, music, video, games and more.



(9.0 out of 10) BlackBerry Appworld definitely shows plenty of potential as a smart phone or mobile application store. In the future years, this application will even get better and more applications will be offered to suit the lifestyle and interest of every BlackBerry user.

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