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Name: Facebook for BlackBerry


The popularity of Facebook today can never be measured. With this online utility, people are able to share online applications, messages, and pictures with their friends and family. Therefore, bringing this online utility with you wherever you are and whenever you need it is now possible with your BlackBerry smart phone. Introducing, the Facebook for BlackBerry application lets you do everything and anything. This application automatically links you to the Facebook profile pictures of your friends along with their contact entries in your smart phone’s address book.

User Interaction:

Facebook for BlackBerry application allows you to access Facebook easier. As you access the application, you get now the view the wall posts, comments, new photos, status updates, and highlights of your friends. The application can be directly use without switching over to the mobile site.

In just one click on the thumbnails, you can now view the pictures of your friends in Facebook in a slide show. Aside from the contact address entries, event and birthday reminders can also be added into your BlackBerry calendar.

User Interface:

The interface of the Facebook for BlackBerry application is very mobile-friendly and has a nice graphical touch. It has the greatest improvements when it comes for viewing photos. In addition, the application is supported with various languages such as Portuguese (European), Indonesian, and Thai.

Facebook for BlackBerry application has many equipped features that you can enjoy. Here is a list that you can use for your interface guide:

  • You can receive instant notifications on the home screen of your BlackBerry smart phone.
  • You can send or receive messages, friend requests, pokes, and wall posts.
  • You can update your comment, view, and status on your friend’s status.
  • You can share photos from your BlackBerry smart phone with comments or tags and then post it to the Facebook in just one click.
  • You can connect with your friends in Facebook through your BlackBerry’s address book. This feature may include profile picture integration that brings an entire new meaning to the caller ID function.
  • You can stay updated with birthday and event reminders since the application can be integrated with your BlackBerry calendar.
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Utility and Productivity:

The integration of the Facebook application in BlackBerry smart phones keeps you updated regularly with your friends and family. The calendar and contact synchronization of the application make this possible.

Facebook for BlackBerry application allows you to call friends directly through its direct friend dial feature. It automatically refreshed your new or updated status and matched it accordingly to the status of your profile in the Facebook website. The conversations in this application appear as threads and displays as messages. During navigation, the pages are slide over horizontally as you switch from one task to another task.

Without separately launching the Facebook for BlackBerry application, you can still write or send message to one of your highlighted friends in Facebook. In searching for other friends in Facebook, you can use the regular search function of the handset. Apparently, the application only displays the latest status update for every friend.


(9.0 out 10) Facebook for BlackBerry application is certainly becoming a hit for users who are productivity-oriented when it comes to smart phones.

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