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Name: eOffice


eOffice is a document editor app in BlackBerry smart phones. It is integrated with Google Spreadsheets and Docs. With this application, you can easily edit and open files in your online account. Saving files as well is permitted by this application.

User Interaction:

The experience of bringing your office with you in your BlackBerry smart phone is now possible with eOffice. eOffice gives you convenience of a laptop for accessing, creating, and editing your files. It offers the best viewing experience as well for your BlackBerry smart phone.

Aside from the most powerful office applications as Word & Spreadsheet Processor, and Integrated Spell-Checker, eOffice allows you to access and search your computer anywhere. eOffice has a personal and unlimited online storage for your files. It can collaborate real time Google documents, fax directly, and print documents and photos from your BlackBerry smart phone. Emailing files to your desktop is also possible with eOffice.

User Interface:

eOffice application has the best office files viewing experience for your BlackBerry smart phone. From this application, you can view various types of supported files for Microsoft such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Images, Fares, CSV, and PDF files can also be viewed through this application. eOffice is featured with attachment viewing that has a magnifier or zoom function. This function allows you to view the details of every image including tables, graphics, and fonts. The document views in eOffice application are highly optimized by BlackBerry smart phone, thus it gives you easiness in quick browsing. Furthermore, the application provides the most comprehensive format support in viewing Email images and attachments.

eOffice application has a reorganized menu structure and a streamlined user interface that allows smart phone professionals to easily share, edit, view, and access files.


Utility and Productivity:

The productivity of eOffice application has everything that smart phone professionals needs when it comes to modern and wireless document management solution. Among its main features are the most powerful Word Processor, Spreadsheet Processor, and Integrated Spell-Checker. The Word Processor provides the capability of editing Microsoft Word documents while maintaining and retaining the original document format. The level of editing capability of this processor include creation of bulleted list, paragraph formatting, and changing fonts and font styles.

The Spreadsheet Processor in eOffice application has the main function of creating, viewing, and editing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It even supports Excel functions including data formats, graphs, diagrams, and scientific and mathematical formulas. Meanwhile the Integrated Spell-Checker in eOffice application ensures that your emails and documents have free with spelling errors. Together with this program, you can include your specialized dictionaries or thesaurus for a complete reference tool in your BlackBerry smart phone.

Directly from your BlackBerry smart phone, you can access and search your desktop files anywhere with the integration of eOffice application. Just the same, you can also view, edit, copy files, and send as attachments.

eOffice application comes with an unlimited and subscription-free online storage for your files that can be access on your BlackBerry smart phone. This online storage is protected with user specific username and password, and highly secured with the PDM5 encryption as well. Files that you store on your personal online storage can be accessed in your BlackBerry smart phone with the integration of eOffice application.


(9.0 out of 10) With eOffice application installed on your BlackBerry smart phone, you already have a comprehensive file manager that is always with you where you can access your files anywhere and everywhere. This application is more than just a file manager but it is also a personal online storage equipped with powerful capabilities such as renaming files, creating new files or folders, and moving or copying files in between storage locations.

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