Camera Genius iPhone App Review

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Anyone who has used Apple iPhone would realize that its camera is clearly not the device’s strongest feature. However, the app, Camera Genius, extends the capability of iPhone’s camera beyond the standard point-and-shoot mode, by offering a host of features that significantly improves the quality of photos snapped using the said camera. In short, Camera Genius offers all these features in one package, and those include Zoom, Sound Capture, Antishake, Big Button, Guides, and Timer.

Camera Genius iPhone App Features

Camera Genius’s Zoom feature works, but not to the extend everyone would like it to change iPhone’s zoom quality. Since the iPhone does not come with an optical lens, only digital zooming is the option, and the result however is disappointing. Not to blame Camera Genius for this, but the iPhone itself!

Sound Capture is innovative in the sense that this feature lets one capture a picture by making a sound. That is, it lets one take a photo without even touching the touchscreen. The sound level captured by the Camera Genius iPhone app is displayed on a meter, at the bottom of the screen. When the reading exceeds the half-way mark on the meter, the camera snaps a photo. On the downside, given the sensitivity of the iPhone, more often than not, one might end up snapping more number of photos that one actually intends. Yes, even the sound of a coffee mug put on the table is enough for Sound Capture to activate the camera.

Antishake is really handy, as it helps users click photos without any blur. This feature also displays a meter, that shows how the user is holding the camera. The readings on the meter show ranges from ‘wildly shaking’ to ‘still’. A photo is automatically captured when the readings show ‘still’.

Big Button turns the whole iPhone touchscreen into a big ‘photo capture’ button. Touch anywhere on the screen, and it activates the camera. If you are on a photo capturing spree, this might come really handy!

Other features that Camera Genius brings to Apple iPhone are Guides, horizontal and vertical lines on the iPhone screen, and Timer that gives a standard 10 seconds countdown before the camera clicks a photo.

Final Thoughts

Camera Genius adds a lot of value to iPhone’s otherwise average camera. Those who love taking photos using their iPhones can definitely consider having this app installed in their handsets. On the downside, the app does not give any entry into iPhone’s Settings, a feature which if it had offered would have made the iPhone camera a real big thing. Also, the interface needs some more refinement. Finally, Camera Genius works only with iPhone OS 3.0 or later, and is not compatible with iPod Touch.

Verdict: thumbs up!

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