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Slacker Radio has become very popular due to its free and prolific nature. Now, BlackBerry users can get access to that same great functionality by simply downloading the Slacker Radio app to their BlackBerry device. If you have a BlackBerry and wouldn’t mind getting access to great radio for free, this is definitely the app for you.

Gain access to infinite music

The concept of infinite music is a heavily philosophical one, but it can be practical too as Slacker Radio for the BlackBerry illustrates. The Slacker Radio concept is one that does indeed involve unlimited free music. Now that an app is available for your BlackBerry that allows this type of radio functionality on your handheld device, you can expect to gain access to as much free music as you want. It is all right there for you on your handheld when you download and install the Slacker Radio BlackBerry app.


Choose from dozens of different genre stations

Do you have a particular genre of music that you love?  Are you a popular music person?  Does your heart melt at the sounds of country music?  Do you have an affinity for the improvisational qualities of jazz music?  No matter what your taste happens to be, it will be accounted for in one of the more than one hundred different genre stations that are available through Slacker Radio. These stations have been pre-programmed by experts to give off the music that really makes the genre great and you can benefit from their expertise through the Slacker Radio app for your BlackBerry device.

Customization when necessary, but not necessarily customization

The genre stations will be suitable for most people but you might be one of the users that would like a bit more flexibility when dealing with the songs that you listen to. Fear not if you are because Slacker Radio has you in mind. An alternative to listening to one of the genre stations is just creating a station on your own and filling it with great music. Try it out if you feel like none of the pre-programmed stations are really doing it for you.

Final Score

With that type of functionality and great educational aspects like reviews of albums and artist bios, Slacker Radio is definitely the way to go if you want to listen to as much free music as you can handle. Our final score for this app is 9.5 out of 10 with the half mark deducted for needing a free Slacker account to make use of the full array of features mentioned above.

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