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More and more people are starting to become very interested in the hours they put in for their employer. With the advent of mobile technology, there are many people out there that now have the ability to keep track of those hours on their cellular phone. If you’d like to join these people, the Time Card Pro app for Android is a handy way to do just that. At just $0.99 for the download, this Android mobile app is most definitely a steal. In the future, it may even be possible to download a lite version for nothing at all.

Each Punching In And Out on the Timecard

Time Card Pro Android app actually does function very much like the timecard that people used to have when they punched into and out of work. There are many different ways that timecards were used in the traditional workplace, but most of them these days do not go by that same timecard system. The good news for you of course is that you can now use app technology to get that system back. Simply mark the appropriate box on your app when you start working and then mark the appropriate box when you stop working. There is no fuss and no mess when you use Time Card Pro mobile app for Android.

Extraordinary Record Keeping At the Mark of a Box

Even though you’re only doing two simple things each day with Time Card Pro, the level of record keeping that you can get from it is quite amazing. Using Time Card Pro mobile application, you can easily keep track of the standard hours that you work, the overtime hours that you work, the vacation days that you have and the sick days that you also have. It is your handy employment assistant doing everything in one simple package.

Get Information Sent To You

Even though Time Card Pro can do these things for you, chances are pretty good that your personal records might be somewhere other than your Android device. That’s why Time Card Pro has the added functionality of being able to send the information it gathers to your e-mail account so that you can then easily add it to your own personal records.

Final Score

Time Card Pro app for Android is definitely one of the better apps available of its type. That’s why we’ve given Time Card Pro Android app a final score of 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. Revision A says:

    Version 2.0 has just been released!

    It includes:

    – Multiple job support (up to 3)
    – Manual time entering when a time punch is missed.
    – Earned income calculation is shown in your results based off the data you input and the hours you work, including overtime calculations.

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