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If you are a person that really gets a lot of mileage out of the SMS text messaging function on your mobile device, chompSMS is definitely a program that you’ll want to take a closer look at. Even if you are a person that only uses the SMS features on your phone sporadically, it still could be beneficial for you to give this app a closer look.

Chat with SMS as you would with instant messengers

One of the main criticisms that people have of the SMS features on most phones is that those phones really do not allow for convenient text messaging. The messages are displayed in a way that forces you to scroll through them like e-mails, a process that is not really efficient considering how short most of the messages actually are. Well, with the chompSMS Android app you’ll discover quite quickly that you can have the same type of look and feel as you would with a normal chat. In the end, that is something that could be very good for your texting efficiency.


Use a touchpad instead of a keypad

Another criticism that people typically have of SMS messaging is that you have to type the message out on your makeshift keypad. Most people don’t even have a bona fide keypad and instead have to text with multiple letters on the numbers of their phone. Obviously, this serves to slow down the texting process by quite a bit. If that is your problem and you have an Android phone, you can easily use the touchpad that comes with chompSMS to speed up the texting process and make yourself more efficient at the same time.

Save money with flat rate messaging

Some of you might not be using SMS messaging because your service provider makes it so expensive for you in the first place. Well, the chompSMS Android app comes with a network of users that you can text with and in the process it also means that you can use their network to text instead of the network of your service provider. With flat rates for most countries (an example being 12 cents per text in Canada), many people will find that they can save some serious cash by going with the chompSMS network.

Final Score

The chompSMS Android app is a great one and one that anyone with an Android platform should consider. Our final score for chompSMS app for Android is 8.5 out of 10.

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