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Some people dream about being the lead singer or guitarist and others think about being the bassist. If you’re like me though, you grew up wanting to be the drummer. The guy in the background may not be the one getting the most attention, but they usually have such a cool vibe around them that they always attract a cult following. That’s why people would want to be one and even if you don’t have your own band, you can still pretend that you’re one of the best in the business with the Tub Thumper app for Android.

Use the simple tap interface effectively

The interface for Tub Thumper Android app is about as simple as it can get. Tub Thumper is a set of drums with all of the snare drums, tom-toms, base drums and cymbals that would come with a drum kit. In order to hear the sound of one of those instruments, all you need to do is tap the appropriate instrument and you’ll hear the right percussive sound. As far as this Android mobile app handling goes, it simply does not get any easier than that.


Keep the beat for your favorite tunes

The first part of Tub Thumper app for Android involves you playing your favorite songs. As those songs go through, you can tap the drums in front of you to keep the beat to those songs and make sure that your other band members know what’s going on. You can judge yourself, learn and practice so that by the end you’ll know exactly where each beat in each song is supposed to go from your end.

Play your own stuff

Eventually, even the most diehard fans will get tired of following the works of others. You’ll want time to noodle around on your own in order to discover new things. Well, that’s exactly what the other mode of this app is for. You can tap along either in acoustic or electronic sub-modes in order to see what your own songs would sound like if you were to sit down and really hammer them out. You might not believe just how fun and addictive this mode is until you’ve tried it out yourself.

Final Score

Tub Thumper Android app may not replace actually rocking along with a real band and keeping time for them, but it is definitely the next best thing. As a result, we’ve given Tub Thumper app for Android a final score of 9.0 out of 10.

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