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Dispatch: Email meets GTD for iPhone is for power email users -those who tend to receive and reply to lots of emails every day. It makes it easy to act on the emails when you are on the move. The app also comes handy to those who reply with lots of canned messages. You can get Dispatch app for a rather pricey $6.99 from iTunes.


Dispatch Email meets GTD iPhone app is a power email client that allows users to create shortcuts and take action on their emails like a to-do list. It is specifically designed for power email users. It has all the usual email client features. But the real meat of the app lies within the actions. Another core feature of Dispatch app is its integration with other apps. As a result, users can treat their inbox like a to-do list, sending off messages to other apps like Evernote, OmniFocus 2, Things, Dropbox, Fantastical etc. More specifically, you can archive important emails to Evernote or save links to read later to Pocket. As of today, the app is integrated with 55 other applications.


Dispatch for iPhone also fetches and notifies you of new emails when possible, even if Dispatch is not actively running. It should be noted that this is not ‘push’, and the background fetch interval is determined by iOS based on frequency of usage and other factors. If you are typing the same thing again and again in multiple emails, Dispatch has a way out for you: users can store frequently used replies as snippets and reuse them the next time you get a similar question. It also features a robust search feature that allows you to search emails based on multiple terms. The UI of Dispatch app is user friendly. The app also supports multiple languages.


Dispatch Email meets GTD app for iPhone is designed for those who deals with lots of emails daily. The app let you take multiple actions on emails like in a to-do list item, thanks to its integration with multiple apps of different features. Snippet shortcuts for frequently used messages help you save time. The UI is largely user friendly. Multiple language support comes to the rescue of non-English speakers. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a powerful email app capable of handling your email load.

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