DomoMeter Android App Review

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Put your energy into lowering prices which involves helping you find better ways to manage your energy. DomoMeter app for Android is designed for all in the family. Simplified and interactive, the app is for the accounting of utility bills and meter readings utilities: electricity, water, gas, heating, sanitation. DomoMeter app is priced $0.99 at Google Play Store.


Keeping track of the utility meter readings and payment of utility bills has become easier; thanks to DomoMeter for Android devices. The app supports multi-tariff meters, accounting services without a meter and accounting services to several residential areas. Not less important is the reminder about the payment and the taking of testimony. For ease of reading of the flashlight can be activated straight from DomoMeter. Access your statistics, monthly expenditure and payment history, charts and graphs easily. The app enables you to submit meter readings and view your past readings, view your monthly statements, monitor your energy usage and find answers to the most frequently asked questions – all from your device! Get unlimited number of counters and services as well as accounting services without counter (according to the norm or Square). Now you can maintain track on your energy and other utility consumptions with detailed statistics of monthly outflow.

DomoMeter Android App Review

DomoMeter app for Android supports multi-tariff meters and it maintains history of tariffs by month. The payments and consumption are displayed in graphs and charts. Another superb feature worth mentioning is the flashlight for lighting when taking readings under dim light conditions. Users can set reminders for payment of utilities and readout. You can send readings via SMS as well. Export the readings for a selected phase to a CSV file with the capability to propel to Dropbox or email for backup and data backup. DomoMeter supports many addresses (apartment houses). Language supports for Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakh are available.


Going online to deal with elements of daily life, whether banking or energy bills, is nothing new. But with two-thirds of the population now owning a smart phone, according to telecoms regulator, the rise of the smart phone app as a means of performing daily tasks online is seemingly unstoppable. DomoMeter Android app is easy to use, with excellent small features like a built-in torch on the meter reading screen. Users can access all their bills and work out exactly how much is being spent just at a touch of the button.

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