Vocabulary.com Android App Review

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Vocabulary.com for Android helps users build their vocabularies by learning about words. Using various activities you can occupy yourself to superior vocabulary. The app is suitable for both beginning and advanced learners. Vocabulary.com app costs $2.99 to download from Google Play Store.


Although the design of Vocabulary.com app for Android isn’t very flashy, kids get to take an active role and guess word meanings. They get points for every question they answer, which encourages them to repeatedly use the site and work toward higher achievement levels. Even though learning new vocabulary words may not appeal to users, playing a game will. Vocabulary.com app turns learning vocabulary into a game for users by providing them with opportunities to earn points and unlock achievements as they improve their skills. The game lacks some of the animations and sound effects that will reel most users in, but, if they give it a shot, they may find it to be surprisingly addicting. Instead of answering the same type of question about the same words over and over again, users will discover different question types and words appearing in a variety of contexts. Specialized word lists also allow users to practice words they’ll find in specific books, historical documents, and academic subjects or on other preps. As they play, they’ll see which words they master and which need more work, providing some focus for their practice.

Vocabulary Android App Review

Although users must create an account or a login with Facebook to play, they spend most of the game focused less on socializing and more on defining key vocabulary words. The adaptive style of the game helps users learn words at their level, while still challenging them with new words. As they improve in their understanding, they’ll receive more challenging words. Teens may not incorporate all the words into their everyday conversations, but Android Vocabulary.com app strives to provide them with relevant vocabulary. No matter which words they see, they’ll also gain an understanding of the parts of speech, the makeup of words, and how to use context clues to determine word meaning. Missed words reappear to ensure they’ve been learned. Terms that user nails on the first try reappear, too. The impressively adaptive challenges are based on user responses. The app requires Android 4.1 and up.


Building your vocabulary is one of the most rewarding things you can do to enhance your language skills. There are a lot of ways you can learn or improve your skills in a particular vocabulary. Lots of really fun activities and a great, clear interface to guide you through all the different options. Now you can also put that smart phone of yours to really smarter use for building your vocabulary. Vocabulary.com app for Android tracks user performance and offers hints to help users discover answers, but it lacks support for different types of students.

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