Etrade Mobile Pro for the BlackBerry

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ETRADE Mobile Pro for the BlackBerry


ETRADE Mobile Pro app has become one of the most popular trading platforms in the modern financial world. Even offline stock brokers are now using it for various purposes and that has allowed its popularity (and its net worth, incidentally enough) to shoot through the roof like never before. Now, this top notch trading software can come directly to your BlackBerry through the use of a handy app that has been developed along those lines.


User Interaction

The great thing about interacting with the E*TRADE Mobile Pro app for the BlackBerry is that it really is not that different from interacting with the normal application as it would exist on your desktop or laptop computer. Indeed, so many people are happy with that particular software package that one has to tip their cap to the BlackBerry app developers for making sure that they kept the essence of what makes this software program great when they were transferring it over to the BlackBerry system. This certainly gets them more points with us because while we do enjoy innovation, we also appreciate it when programmers have the savvy to leave things that are working fine alone.


User Interface

The interface that E*TRADE Mobile Pro has online is one of the simplest interfaces imaginable that is at the same time also very effective. You get the most value for the complexity from the E*TRADE interface as you can quite literally do any financial transaction in any market with a few clicks of the mouse. Since you don’t have a mouse when you are using a BlackBerry however, you will instead either be using your pointer or the keys on the handheld in order to achieve the same effect. The interface had to be condensed slightly in order to accommodate the much smaller BlackBerry screen, but at the end of the day the same functionality that made people fall in love with the E*TRADE software has been duplicated masterfully on this BlackBerry application.


Utility and Productivity

Productivity on this particular app is through the roof. The more of a trader you are, the more productive you can be with this software. Essentially, the E*TRADE app for the BlackBerry will allow you to execute all of your trades and track all of your investments from your handheld device. That in turn means that you can do it from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. These days, that is basically most downtown urban cores. If you work at one, you can do your trades over your lunch break while eating and really cut down on the amount of time both of those activities would otherwise take.



If it isn’t obvious by now, we absolutely love the E*TRADE app for the BlackBerry. There are so many more reasons as to why this software is definitely worth a download for anyone that is big into investing, but in the interests of brevity we believe the above strong points should illustrate the point sufficiently. To top it all off, we will assign E*TRADE Mobile Pro app for the BlackBerry our second highest possible rating at 9.5 out of 10.

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