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Name: Qik Mobile BlackBerry App


Qik Mobile app is a sharing tool application that allows for free video streaming from your BlackBerry smart phone to the Internet. This application is enriched with various features that you can use in streaming videos online. Text chatting is also possible with this application wherein you can notify people on information about instant events and leaving comments. Videos that are uploaded with this application are usually stored in Qik’s website for later retrieval. Also stored in the website is a library of online events and conversations. In a more ingenious concept, Qik Mobile is more than just a sharing tool application for mobile or smart phone but also a work in progress similar to the Twitter network.

User Interaction:

The Qik Mobile app allows you to quickly change some privacy settings on your BlackBerry smart phone as well as muting the audio and changing other options. It allows you to not only stream your videos online but also allows you to archive your videos on their website for later viewing or retrieval.

While doing the video streaming with Qik Mobile application, information like the estimated delay in seconds, data speed, and other useful information of your stream are displayed on top of the video. Aside from video streaming, you can also create your own online profile page, which is similar to the YouTube profile page. On this page, you can display or promote your videos with your friends and family and put some information about yourself. From this page as well, you can allow your friends and family to download your videos in MP4 or Flash formats.


User Interface:

One of the useful features of Qik Mobile app is the security and protection. With this feature, not everyone can be able to view your stream video unless with your permission. You can either limit the access of the viewers with a password or just allow it for everyone to see. However, to make use of this application, your BlackBerry smart phone should have a camera function.

Through Qik Mobile application, the stream videos can be linked to or embedded to on your profile page. It can be commented on as well and even allows you for live chatting with fellow users of the application. As you do the live streaming, you can always view your video by providing your customized URL of profile page to viewers.

Qik Mobile application has a very neat interface. From it, you can see things happening and what people are milling about.


Utility and Productivity:

Qik Mobile application in BlackBerry smart phones has a real-time messaging function that is very useful for people on the go since it helps them keep updated on the latest happenings. It is also equipped with a GPS-enabled function that provides accurate location information. From your profile page, the application can connect your videos to your Twitter account, thus your friends can be able to follow your adventures.

The developers of the Qik Mobile application are trying to position it as a business tool instead of a social networking tool. However, today, more and more people enjoy using it as social networking tool. People on their personal time, find the application as a great way to stay in touch with their friends and family as they share their travels and adventures.



(9.0 out of 10) Qik Mobile application is one great tool for those people who love adventures and travels. It helps people to keep in touch or stay updated with the latest happenings in their world.

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