Exify – Tools for Photos iPhone App Review

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Exify – Tools for Photos iPhone app comes with a collection of tools that might be of interest to people who take photography seriously. It gives you detailed info of the metadata associated with the photographs. You can get Exify app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Exify – Tools for Photos iPhone app has a clean and simple aesthetic that is not only easy on the eye, but also intuitive to use. The app background is black so that your photos remain in primary focus. The light green icons contrast well with the overall color theme. The colors in RGB graphics are rich and vibrant so that you’ll get a clear idea of the color levels in the photo you’re viewing. The data associated with your image are available in multiple pages wherein you can just swipe through the pages to view them. The magnification tool is easy to use. The app also has a handy iOS editing extension that lets users perform several actions directly from the Photo Library. You can view your entire camera roll from Exify app. The photos are listed in the descending order with the latest ones at the top. But it does not have a means to jump to a particular time frame in your camera roll. The app however manages to handle bigger libraries well and the scrolling remains smooth. We did not experience any crashes while scrolling through the images.

Exify - Tools for Photos iPhone App Review

To view the metadata, simply tap on the desired image. The first page provides the Overview, which includes details such as the type of image file, size, dimensions, megapixels, ratio, and exposure and lens detail. The thumbnail also points out the point of focus. If you click on thumbnail, you’ll be able to get a larger view with magnification (1x) so that you can view the fine details of the picture. Just tap on 2x magnification to zoom in more. Swipe horizontally on the interface to view the other sections. This includes Histogram, Geolocation, EXIF data, GPS, and even TIFF. You even have the option to copy text in these sections to the clipboard in order to share it with others via email or SNS. The iOS extensions come handy. The action extension allows users to show image information, magnify, or duplicate the image sans going into the app itself. The editing extension let you remove location data for privacy, or even add GPS data from another image. It also provides an option to add watermarks to your edited images. Exify – Tools for Photos app requires iOS 9.0 or later.


Exify – Tools for Photos provides you with all the metadata associated with the photos you’d clicked using your iPhone. Real photographers will get a kick out of all these info that the app extracts from an image. The app is super easy to use. The only shortcoming probably is the inability to jump to a particular point of time in your Camera Roll. Check it out if you wish to know more about the photos you’d clicked.

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