Drop Flip iPhone Game App Review

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Drop Flip app for iPhone is a fun and challenging physics based puzzler in which you got to direct a ball into a bucket. But here, instead of setting the ball’s launch angle, you got to manipulate objects around in the level to get it in the bucket. You can download Drop Flip app for free from iTunes App Store.


Drop Flip for iPhone has simple and clean and should appeal to anyone who loves minimalistic art styles. The bright solid colors in the background, with a subtle texture, are pleasing to the eyes. The puzzles themselves consist of white objects that are essentially basic geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, lines etc. The white geometrical shapes on the colored background create a nice contrast. The added shadow effect is a nice hint that tells the player how far an object can be moved around. The animations are slick and smooth. The background soundtrack is rather soothing. The game has 100 levels at present and you got to go through in a linear fashion. There are no stars or points to earn. It is just about solving each puzzle and moving on. The aim is to get the ball into the bucket. It is not as simple as it sounds. You can only solve the levels through multiple attempts and trial and error. As you progress, the puzzles get more complex and tricky.

Drop Flip iPhone Game App Review

The controls in Drop Flip iPhone game app are intuitive. In each level, the ball is sitting on top of a small gate. The bucket will be placed somewhere on the screen, and there are obstacles that stand between your ball and the bucket. Quickly tap on the ball to open the gate and let the ball fall down. Now you got to move the objects about, either to move it out of the way or in a better position to help you out, so that the ball eventually ends up in the bucket. To flip and object, just firmly press on it and it flips around for you. Similarly, you can drag the objects around within the allotted space. Game Center integration comes handy. On the flip side, the game does not seem to have much replay-ability value.


Drop Flip game for iPhone is challenging for sure. But it builds on you at a gradual pace that is enjoyable rather than frustrating. The visuals look gorgeous on the retina display. The tranquil and whimsical sounds are fun to listen to. The controls are intuitive at best. Lack of replay-ability value is the only downside. Check it out if you’re a fan of physics based puzzlers.

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