Neutron Music Player Android App Review

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Neutron Music Player is a professional music player app on the Android platform that helps you to get a truly immersive experience and helps you to extract more out of your music. The app comes together with a range of different features that makes it just perfect for the avid music lover. Neutron Music Player is a paid app and costs $5.99 to download from Google Play.


Neutron Music Player for Android is a carefully designed app that is designed to maximize the pleasure of listening to your favorite tunes. The app supports a wide range of audio formats, so that you can play practically anything you want. It comes with a fully configurable parametric equalizer that comes with 4-20 bands. It also has a graphic equalizer with 21 presets. To increase sound quality, it includes the surround sound and the crossfeed feature. It also comes with a Rumble Filter which helps to prevent speaker overloading. It has advanced features like replay gain, crossfading, phase inversion, dithering, high quality real time resampling, pitch and tempo controls and more. It comes with Hardware and Preamp sound controls. Now coming to the playback features, the app has gapless playback feature which allows you to listen to your favorite music in a seamless way.

Neutron Music Player Android App Review

Neutron Music Player app supports different playback modes such a single, loops, queue and shuffle. It also streams audio and video from the internet. The app comes with 32 bit and 64 bit audio processing for playing high quality audio and video files pretty flawlessly. The advanced processing technology makes listening to high quality songs a truly delightful experience. It has got a user-friendly interface which makes it easier to change the controls and also to manage the files more efficiently.


Neutron Music Player for Android could be summed up in just one word –‘awesome’. This one app takes music to a whole new level. The kind of controls you have in this app could only be found in sophisticated music players. Bringing that to your Android phone is really an amazing feat which this app manages to do with ease. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the Neutron Music Player app is a great app for the true music lover. So, install the app today and discover more beautiful ways to enjoy your favorite music!

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