iBird Yard+ Guide to Birds iPhone App Review

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iBird Yard+ Guide to Birds for iPhone is an app for bird enthusiasts. It is a guide to over 270 species of birds found in North America. It covers most of the yard birds found in gardens of Hawaii and North America, and other common birds. The app has complete information about 126 species of yard and garden birds and other 144 species of common birds. An enthusiastic birder will find this app an inexpensive tool to learn more about each bird species. the app provides a vast collection of information about these amazing creatures. It is a great way to start exploring the bird kingdom for all newcomers to birdwatching.

Perfect Guide to the Bird Kingdom

iBird Yard+ is a simple and brilliant resource on birds and more. Birdies can find high quality images of different bird species around them. The smart searches will help you find all the birds in your locality. You will be able to identify birds using the location, color, shape, head pattern, habitat, length, flight pattern among others. The Splits-History let you view all the name changes each species has had. It provides both photos and illustrations. It also has high quality bird sound recordings. You will also find unique details that are hard to find elsewhere like egg color, diet, vocalization definitions, nest information, sex of incubators and more. You can sort and search birds using different criteria. There are maps that include spring, winter, summer ranges and year-round migration ranges.

iBird Yard Guide to Birds iPhone App


iBird Yard+ is absolutely fun for birdwatchers. Both hobbyists and professionals will find this app a great way to learn and stay updated about these winged creatures. It is a set of helpful, interesting and knowledgeable resources for birdies who love to have a grasp on different bird species, its habitats and feeding habits. The app costs $2.99 to download and use. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac systems.

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