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| June 16, 2009

Name: Tweetie


Tweetie is the best Twitter application in iPhone mobile device. It was developed by Atebits and distributed through the App Store. The application is available in two versions, the free version that costs no money but display ads and the paid version that usually costs between $14.95 and $19.95.


User Interaction:

Tweetie application in iPhone is very fast and responsive. Without any waiting, all goods are delivered rapidly to the users. Users can also quickly look at all the things they need be it directs, replies, or timeline. Viewing the links in its built-in browser is possible with the option to tweet the link as well. Tweetie can also be opened in the Safari browsed of iPhone device. Users can take a picture or grab a photo from the gallery with an option for a nice retake. The picture or photo can be compressed and uploaded to twitpic.com.


User Interface:

The current features of Tweetie application include the ability to log in multiple accounts, replies, direct messages, and tweets with a clean and nice interface. There is a built-in support in shortening a URL with the use of various services. The application also has a built-in support for viewing and tweeting images. Reading user profiles and followers, and searching for trendy tropics is very much possible with Tweetie application.

Here is a list of other features of Tweetie application that users can use as interface guide:

  • The application can posts new tweets or retweet.
  • It can send directly messages and reply directly and to tweets.
  • It can follow and also unfollow people.
  • It can mark tweets and as favorites.
  • It can navigate and reply chains.
  • It can inline in web browser.
  • It can posts links and with automatic and link shrinking.
  • It can update the twitter location of the users.
  • It can perform good custom searches and twitter trends.
  • It can save users’ favorite searches.
  • It can implement the full and twitter API.
  • It uses an secure connection.
  • It has “Go To” users shortcut.
  • It has nearby search feature.
  • It has adjustable font sizes and themes.
  • It has a bookmarklet support.
  • tweetie-app

Utility and Productivity:

Tweetie application in iPhone as what most users claimed does not crash and has very fast navigation functions when it comes to starting new searches and tweeting.

Tweetie 2

The latest version of Tweetie comes with additional and enhanced features. Here are the details of those features:

  • The application has an Instapaper integration.
  • It has an optional and landscape keyboard for the users.
  • It has image and compression control necessary for uploading.
  • It has nearby and radius control.
  • It has cached avatars.
  • It can draft persist and across relaunches.
  • It can resend tweet via network error.
  • It can reply and chain navigation and refined UI.


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