PhotoPills iPhone App Review

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The PhotoPills iPhone App is an impressive and all-encompassing photography planning application specifically created for iPhone users. It caters to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers alike. Regardless of your preferred photography genre, PhotoPills serves as your ultimate planning tool. It enables you to meticulously plan your photos in advance, ensuring that you are consistently in the perfect location at the precise moment to capture the most exceptional and breathtaking images. This app is truly perfect for capturing awe-inspiring photographs. With its 3D augmented reality mode, the app allows users to visualize the alignment of the sun, moon, and Milky Way with the landscape in real-time.

PhotoPills iPhone App has the ability to assist users in planning their shots by providing information about the position of the sun, moon, and Milky Way at any given time and location. This allows photographers to anticipate and visualize how the natural light will interact with their subjects or landscapes, enabling them to capture stunning and well-composed shots. The app goes beyond simple celestial information, offering a suite of tools for various photography scenarios. With its standout features PhotoPills becomes an indispensable companion for photographers who seek precision and control over their shots.

PhotoPills iPhone App Review


  • PhotoPills provides precise information on the sun, moon, and Milky Way’s location, allowing photographers to plan their shots with accuracy and consider natural lighting conditions.
  • The app has a 3D augmented reality feature that lets you see celestial objects in real-time with your surroundings.
  • PhotoPills provides a Night Augmented Reality feature that is specifically designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. This tool assists in the planning and visualization of night sky shots, such as the Milky Way and constellations.
  • Users can create and save detailed photo plans, including location information, date, and time.

Known for its innovative and dynamic approach to teaching photography, PhotoPills for iPhone is highly regarded. The app provides a wide array of tutorials and educational materials that effectively help users become proficient in different aspects of photography, including exposure settings and complex compositions. This educational component sets PhotoPills apart from being just a planning tool, as it becomes a mentor for photographers, inspiring continuous improvement and skill development. With its easy-to-use learning resources, PhotoPills accommodates photographers of all skill levels, making it an invaluable tool for those looking to enhance their craft. The app is available in App Store and costs just $10.99.

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