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Blackberry App Review
Name: Poynt App
You may think you know where everything is located in the area in which you live. And you probably believe that whether you live in the country, the suburbs, a small town or even in a big city. But, if you’re like most people, there are many businesses, retailers and theaters you couldn’t find on a bet.
It’s a fact. Most people are familiar with the location of relatively few businesses and retailers because they tend not to explore other sections or parts of their town or city. That’s where Poynt app can help. This outstanding app, which is available to owners and users of Blackberry Smart Phones, can really make a difference.
Application name: Poynt is an immensely popular, free app that easily and quickly connects you to businesses, retailers and movie theaters when you need them. It tells y ou where they are located and it shows you how to get there.
Summary: Here is the perfect “how-to-get-there” app you need if you travel around the town or city in which you live. You’ll love Poynt once you download it free-of-charge because it gives you immediate access to some much useful information. For example:
It serves you as an all-in-one local search machine telling you where businesses, retail stores and movie theaters are located. Then it gives you turn-by-turn directions to help you get to your desired location without getting lost. It gives you much more, too.
You can use Poynt app to access movie show times … view movie trailers to help you decide which movie you want to see … even buy your tickets online as you travel to the theater. That’s an amazing convenience because when you get to the theater you won’t have to wait in line to purchase a ticket.
Poynt is practical, useful, reliable … and20free. And when you use it, you’ll also be able to view your search results on an interactive map.  So … this application is not only valuable to you, it is fun to use. It probably makes good sense to add it to your app arsenal right away.
User Interaction: helps you find any business, retailer and movie theater – quickly and easily – anywhere in North America. In fact, it can provide you with directions from one location to any other location you want as long as it is in the United States or Canada.
User Interface:

Poynt App

Poynt App

This is a great app for you if you enjoy going out and driving around town. You’ll never get lost, never waste time looking for a specific location because Poynt will steer you in the right direction.
Utility and Productivity: Turn your Blackberry Smart Phone into a built-in, always accessible and reliable map and location finder. It’s easy to do when you download Poynt, the incredibly useful free application. It connects you to every business, retailer and theater in your town or city – quickly and easily.
Rating: (9.0 out of 10). Smart Phone apps users who already have this application love it because it saves them time, energy and costly gas every time they need to find and get to a business office … a retail shop … or a movie theater. You’ll love it and will be one of your best apps, too.

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