Precision Boxing Coach Supreme Android App Review

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Precision Boxing Coach Supreme for Android makes learning boxing quite easy. Boxing is all about precise strikes and you need a coach to get them right. The app has all the features that make you a pro in boxing. It starts with different punching mode and defensive techniques. With supreme version you get most of the advanced punches and techniques with variations. The app perfectly simulates a boxing coach and calls for strenuous boxing training sessions which also includes Southpaw mode, counters and combos. It has everything a fighter needs to have a realistic defense and action.

Learn Boxing With This Precision Coach

Precision Boxing Coach Supreme is a brilliant and intuitive app that simulates boxing coach to teach you all about different punches and defense techniques in boxing. The app includes 4 modes with 3 levels or intensity. It includes body shots, defense, ducks, slips and punches. The different mode has different number of combinations and techniques. There are Amateur, Pro, P4P and Titleist each with varying techniques. The combination of moves builds upon themselves. It will initially start with a sequence and add other techniques to build the momentum for your workout sessions. The intensity can be increased or slowed down to balance the speed of the moves. You can choose from classic, pressure and hurricane pace as the intensity level. The sequence will repeat again as long as you want to continue with the workout. The app has a video that explains everything you want to know about the app.

Precision Boxing Coach Supreme Android App Review


Precision Boxing Coach Supreme is the best way to practice combos. It can help you keep in shape and be fit even in this pandemic. There are good variations of each moves and provides heavy bag practice. You can choose as many rounds you want and also adjust the length of each round. You can also adjust the break time between each round. It follows the same mp3 combinations to build combos. The app costs $6.59 to download from Google Play Store.

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