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Picking up good habits while dropping bad ones help improve your professional and personal aspects of your lives. Streaks for iPhone help you do just that. It is a habit tracking app that motivates you to drop unhealthy, bad habits and turn them into good ones. You can get Streaks app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


Streaks app for iPhone is a tod-list app designed to build good habits. Using the app, you can track six things as day, and you make sure you complete them to form a streak. If you do that regularly, it eventually becomes a habit. These things could be anything like reducing caffeine and coffee intake, cut down or stop smoking, make sure you get your daily exercise etc. Since you are only tracking six things daily, it won’t be overwhelming for you to follow. The list is customizable and hence you can add/edit new goals into the list and follow them. However, your eventual success in changing old habits and picking up new good ones depends on your determination to effect the change.


Streaks app for iPhone has a user friendly interface. The design is gorgeous while the layout is easy to follow. Adding new habits to follow to the list is a simple task. You also got an option to edit history. Users can share their habits with others through online means as well. Support for multiple languages comes to the rescue of non-English speakers. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch, if you are using one. It helps you keep you on track.
We found the app to be stable and responsive. Streaks app requires iOS versions 8.2 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Streaks app for iPhone is a great tool if you want to drop some of your bad habits and pick up new ones. The app’s to-do list reminds you of the bad habits you’d prioritized so that you can consciously work to change them. The list is editable so that you can add new ones as you drop the previously added habits to them. The UI is beautifully designed. The layout is also largely user friendly. Multiple-language support comes handy to non-English natives mainly. The app is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you want a tool to assist you in your efforts to kill bad habits and culture good ones.

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