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Name: Neosistec CarFinder


The CarFinder app from Neosistec allows you to mark the GPS locations of your car. In finding your car in a large parking lot, you can use an on-screen compass provided by this application. This compass will help you and guide you in finding your car.

User Interaction:

The Neosistec CarFinder app can be useful every time you go to amusement parks, concerts, sporting events, and other locations or areas that have crowded car parking areas. This application is a perfect solution in finding your car or marking the location of your car instead of trying to remember where you have parked it.

User Interface:

The Neosistec CarFinder BlackBerry app has a simple menu where you can mark the location of your car through the GPS function of your BlackBerry smart phone. The GPS function is done through the BlackBerry Maps application or via a compass. As soon as you are able to mark the location of your car, you can immediately email the information to a friend.

You can start using the Neosistec CarFinder application once you get out of your car and click the set button of the GPS location that can be found on the main screen. As you do this, it will then target the current location of your car and store the information in its memory. Thereinafter, you can now go to your business appointment without worrying much on the location where you have parked your car. If you want to find your car, just open the application and it will tell your car’s location.



Utility and Productivity:

The Neosistec CarFinder application greatly works with any BlackBerry smart phones. However, it vastly works with the BlackBerry 8310. In using this application, GPS function is required on your BlackBerry.

Basically, the Neosistec CarFinder application has three functions or features. The first function displays a compass that will direct you to your car’s GPS location. The second function is that the GPS location of your car can be opened or accessed through the BlackBerry Maps since the application is integrated with it. The third and last function is that you are able to send the information of your car’s GPS location to a friend.

Before downloading the Neosistec CarFinder application in your BlackBerry smart phone, you must ensure that the “Support JavaScript” option is enabled in your browser. If it is disabled, you can enable it by selecting the “Options” from your browser window, click the “Browser Configuration” option, and check ON “Support JavaScript”.

The Neosistec CarFinder application has some system requirements prior to downloading. The OS Version should be 4.2.1 or higher. The application also requires for an HTTP and GPS connection. However, if your BlackBerry smart phone is connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, there should be a set IT policy issued by your company’s IT department to allow functionality of CarFinder application. In addition, the application must also permits the functions of “Interprocess Communication” and “Location (GPS)”.



(8.0 out of 10) With Neosistec CarFinder application, you can easily locate the accurate location of your car in just seconds without waiting. It is a great way of bringing in GPS location-based services to BlackBerry smart phones. For anyone who has a car and a GPS BlackBerry smart phone, this application will definitely work for you!


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  1. CoolApps says:

    Good app, but VQ CarFinder AUTOMATICALLY remembers where you parked every time you park. BIG difference when you’re in a hurry or not paying attention and don’t remember to launch an app like the one reviewed here. I downloaded VQ CarFinder

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