Watch the house fall with Blow Up Lite App for Android

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Review of the Blow Up Lite Android App

The house has stood for a long time and this irritates you. Getting out your inner anger is definitely a useful thing to do and it is definitely something that you can do when you start playing Blow Up Lite app for Android.

Use your bombs wisely

As you start each level of Blow Up Lite Android gaming app, you will be presented by a structure that you must make fall. You are going to receive a certain number of bombs and within the purview of those bombs you will get the chance to actually go ahead and put bombs on parts of the buildings in order to make those buildings blow up. If you can use your bombs to blow up enough of the building, you can get to the next level. If you are good enough with all of the levels, you can beat Blow Up Lite Android game.

Many levels and bonus points

If you are playing the free version of Blow Up Lite Android app, you will have 14 levels that you can play. Buying the full version will get you 90 levels and of course it will remove the advertisements that appear in game when you are concentrating on blowing up the building.

At the same time that you are actually trying to blow up the building so that you can get through to the next level, Blow Up Lite app for Android gives you the chance to gain bonus points by making sure that you blow up all of the Pandas that are located in the different levels. If you can blow up the Panda, you’ll definitely be good to go with close to the highest score that you can take forward from that particular level.

Final Score for the game Blow Up Lite App

When all is said and done, watching the house fall with Blow Up Lite app for Android is something that you can really have a lot of fun with. The house is on matchsticks and only with some good understanding of the realistic physics in this game can you bring it down onto the substructure. Blow Up Lite app for Android is a sweet Android app because it not only challenges you to play your best game to win, but it is not crippled software despite having a paid version that is more high end. We give Blow Up Lite Android app credit for all of these things and a final score of 9 out of 10.

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