ZenTap Pro App for iPhone Review

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ZenTap Pro is an advanced text editor application for iPhone users. The easy-to-use ZenTap Pro iPhone app helps you to write on your Apple iPhone easier and faster. ZenTap Pro is the single application that enables you to perfectly type, review and correct text.

A Perfectly Organized Application

ZenTap Pro app for iPhone is completely a useful application with fine text editing features. Users can easily enter a plain text and customizable features ensure fast and accurate typing experience. With completely unique features such as Text Prediction, Templates, Spell-checking, Translator, Text Exportation and Customizable buttons, ZenTap Pro mobile app is a comprehensive application for your email and SMS requirements. The customizable buttons allow you to set shortcuts for special characters including short words and smiles. As the ZenTap Pro iPhone app works in landscape mode integrated with wide keyboard, users can easily type text.

Excellent Text Editing Features

Wide arrays of text editing features are available in ZenTap Pro app for iPhone. When you write text using this smartphone app, the text prediction feature simply shows the words that match the first letter of the text you type. This intelligent feature eliminates spelling mistakes and improves your typing speed. With templates, ZenTap Pro app provides user to save text templates in a fast and simple way. Once you save text template, you can easily reuse them at anytime you require. Auto completion feature allows users to create text with less typos.

ZenTap Pro provides an advanced spelling checking function to correct your text errors. If you require translating some text, you can use the text translator function. ZenTap is integrated with Google’s advanced translator function. Text exportation feature allows you to directly export the finished text to Mail, SMS, Twitter or Safari. ZenTap app also provides the facility to view the text in full screen mode. Users also have the facility to change the font size.



With superior text editing capabilities, ZenTap Pro is an excellent application for iPhone users. It is considered as one of the best text editing apps available in App Store. ZenTap Pro is available in two versions a free simple version and fully-featured application version. The newest ZenTap Pro version provides added support for Spanish language.

We rate ZenTap Pro 9 stars out of 10!  –

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