LaDiDa App for iPhone Review

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LaDiDa app for iPhone is a reverse karaoke application that uses artificial intelligence to help you sound like a professional singer. You sing or RAP into the phone and LaDiDa application will analyze your voice and compose music to match. It also works on melodic instruments such as Guitar.

Features of LaDiDa App

LaDiDa iPhone app gives the following effects

  • E Piano Pop
  • Rhythm Synch Pop
  • Dub Tone
  • Underground Rap
  • Tasty Breaks Rap
  • Dirty South Rap

LaDiDa iPhone Music App

LaDiDa App Positives

The technology allows LaDiDa to analyze your voice and compose music to match it. You can use LaDiDa iPhone application while you sing or rap. Once you have recorded it, you can save it. Recording works best if you plug in your iPhone ear buds so you can hear yourself on the headphones while you sing. LaDiDa can augment your voice with matching music to make your very own interesting and original songs. Songs can be shared by email or on Facebook when you are done. LaDiDa brings the thrill of singing in a band to everyone. It turns your iPhone into a live band. LaDiDa uses tricks of the trade to make your voice sound even better. It is like a professional recording studio in your pocket. You can discover new songs performed by other LaDiDa singers and the judge.


If you really wanted to be on reality TV or get discovered this is your chance to sing favorite songs into LaDiDa app foriPhone and it will compose the music for you. The application is available with Apple iTunes App store.

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